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SBA & Asset-Based Loans for Your Small Business

The various small business funding programs offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration and Independent Asset-Based Lenders  provide a variety of accessible loan options for your business enterprise.  This type of funding can be used for almost any purpose including:

Low Cost Business Finance

The SBA is a federal agency dedicated to assisting U.S. based small business owners to grow their enterprises.   SBA loans are one of the lowest cost financing methods available to small business owners but in reality, the loans are not actually made by the SBA.  Instead, the SBA guarantees a large portion of your loan which will be made by a participating bank. 

SBA Loan Types

There are three major types of SBA loans available to small business owners. 

 Applying for SBA / Asset-Based Financing

Applying for SBA and Asset-Based Financing can sometimes be tricky.  And, because you are still working directly with a bank, they can be slow.  But, don't worry, we can help.

At Cash Flow Funding Solutions, we partner with some of the nation's largest SBA and Independent Asset-Based Lenders and can assist you in choosing the right loan type for your business.  Rest assured, while securing this type of loan can be time consuming, it is usually well worth the wait.

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Is an SBA or Asset-Based Loan right for your business?  The best way to find out is to contact us and speak with one of our SBA loan professionals.  We can quickly ascertain whether your business will qualify and if so, assist you in beginning the loan process.  Why not contact us today!